Monday, March 10, 2014

InScribed Authors Live-Chat

This was a blast! I was in Nashville, TN, and got to meet and interview this wonderful ladies! What a total treat! If you're looking for a Bible study, pick up the InScribed series for your church, your small group, or for your personal use. I'm looking forward to studying each one!

In print now:

Wendy Blight, author of Living So That

Donna Gaines, author of Leaving Ordinary

Jenifer Jernigan, author of Dive Deeper

Heather Zempel, author of Amazed and Confused

Releasing this Fall: 

Ashley Linne, author of Inseparable 

Amanda Hope Haley, author of Barren Among the Fruitful 

Sarah Francis Martin, author of Just Rise Up

And, I got this cute necklace, too!

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  1. I so enjoyed hearing all of you talk about your books and answering our questions. Really looking forward to doing all of the studies. So many great studies and so little time! Not a bad problem to have.